About me

I’m a a software engineering leader based in Houston, TX. I earned a Ph.D. from Columbia University studying self-assembly in soft matter systems. In particular, I wrote, ran, and analyzed simulations of such systems; you can see a couple of examples of such simulations on GitHub.

Currently, I'm working as Software Engineering Manager at SmileDirectClub, leading teams focused on developing core services to support user-facing services across the company.


SmileDirectClub is a teledentistry platform that empowers customers to transform their smiles at home with custom aligners.

Software Engineering Manager
2022 - present

As Engineering Manager, I manage two platform engineering development teams, focused on developing core services to support user-facing products across the company.

Software Engineering Team Lead
2020 - 2022

Initially, I led the Prescriptions team, focused on managing prescriptions through their journey from the initial creation of a treatment plan to initiating the aligner manufacturing process. The team successfully delivered the Treatment Plan Service, transitioning the management of all treatment plans to the new service with minimal disruption, and contributing to SDC's transition from a Django monolith to an event-driven, service-oriented architecture.

After successful delivery of the TPS and some initial support and fast-follow additional development, transitioned to leading the team responsible for development of the Partner Portal: a web application which enables partner doctors to create and manage cases to provide SDC aligners to their patients.

FranchiCzar OS is a customer relationship management (CRM) application focused on franchise businesses.

Senior Lead Software Developer
2019 - 2020

As Senior Lead Software Developer, my responsibilities included managing a four-person development team as well as participating in day-to-day software development. The development team I led was responsible for all FranchiCzar products, including: FranchiCzar OS (a franchise-focused CRM), Fund.io (a provider-agnostic payment processing platform), and Rylos (a learning management system).

Gene by Gene is a genetic testing company that offers a wide range of tests for genealogical and medical purposes. It is the parent company of Family Tree DNA.

Software Engineer Team Lead
2017 - 2019

At Gene by Gene, I was the lead engineer for GenomX, an interactive web application that enables clinicians to enter medical information such as genetic sequencing data and generate rich, informative reports which can be delivered to patients. GenomX was a an Angular/ASP.NET Core application using a microservice architecture, deployed using Docker containers. It was designed to be deployable either to the cloud in a multitenant architecture or on-premise at the client site.

Durwella was a software solutions company that focuses on scientific and engineering projects. We brought to bear deep technical expertise and extensive domain knowledge to develop a wide variety of applications.

Senior Software Developer
2016 - 2017

As a software development consultant with Durwella, I developed a variety of applications in science and engineering domains for diverse clients, including:

  • Mobile applications using cross-platform frameworks such as Xamarin and Ionic 2 (e.g. Well Control Killsheet: iOS, Android)
  • Custom extensions for Geoscience platforms like Schlumberger Petrel and Paradigm SKUA-GOCAD
  • Visualization solutions for geoscience, medicine, and other domains (e.g. Unplugged Viz)

RigMinder provides fully automated and wireless data management and capture technologies for the oil field delivered in real time.

Lead Software Engineer

2014 - 2016

As Lead Software Engineer with RigMinder, I managed the day-to-day operations and priorities of our sotware development team. I also developed solutions to a wide range of problems using various technologies, including:

  • Data management and analysis (Python, Go)
  • Client software (C#)
  • Web applications (JavaScript, Flask)
  • PIC microcontroller firmware (C)
  • Database management (PostgreSQL)

Reasoning Mind wass a non-profit organization with the mission of providing a first-rate math education for every child. To achieve this, the organization develops blended learning mathematics programs for elementary and middle school and works with schools to implement these programs in classrooms.

Learning Analytics Engineer

2012 - 2014

As Learning Analytics Engineer with Reasoning Mind, I:

  • Applied existing algorithms and developed new techniques for the application of educational data mining to the Reasoning Mind system for the purpose of tracing student knowledge and diagnosing areas in which remediation was needed
  • Developed sensor-free detectors of student affective states and behavior using machine learning techniques on student log data
  • Analyzed student log data from a pilot implementation of a new curriculum to inform revision of the existing product as well as future development of new offerings


PhD, Chemical Physics
Columbia University
BS, Chemistry Honors
University of Texas at Austin